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Uniting Sectors for Public Safety

Uniting Sectors for Public Safety

ABUJA, December 9, 2022 – Over two days in early December, a diverse array of leading figures in early warning and response systems, as well as peacebuilding, converged in Nigeria’s capital for the inaugural Concord Initiative. The pioneering collaborative effort seeks to unite state and non-state actors, including local communities, in identifying and preventing threats to public safety.

Coordinated by the Office for Strategic Preparedness and Resilience (OSPRE), in partnership with the European Union, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ GmbH) ECOWAS Peace and Security Architecture and Operations (EPSAO) Project, the Concord Initiative held a technical workshop on December 8th and 9th, gathering key players from an array of sectors.

Notable participants included theorists and practitioners from the public sector, civil society, private sector, media, and academia. The range of perspectives led to a holistic, multi-disciplinary discussion regarding the current issues affecting the sector, with an emphasis on the vital role of effective early warning and response systems in maintaining public safety.

The Concord Initiative represents an important stride in OSPRE’s mission to fortify national preparedness and resilience. It has adopted an inclusive approach, recognizing the critical importance of collaboration among diverse sectors to ensure the successful implementation of threat detection and prevention strategies.

The workshop provided a platform for knowledge exchange, brainstorming, and strategic planning. Participants shared their unique insights and experiences, contributing to a rich dialogue and mutual learning. The diversity of the workshop’s participants speaks to the Concord Initiative’s innovative and inclusive approach.

The European Union and BMZ’s involvement signifies the international community’s commitment to fortifying public safety and resilience globally. Their support for the Concord Initiative underscores the critical importance of effective early warning and response systems for preserving peace and security.

“The Concord Initiative exemplifies the power of partnership in our shared quest for a safer, more secure world,” commented an OSPRE spokesperson. “By bringing together diverse sectors, we can harness collective intelligence to anticipate and respond effectively to threats, ultimately safeguarding our communities.”

This initial event marks the first step in what promises to be a continuous and collaborative effort to improve public safety and resilience. The OSPRE, along with its international and local partners, is poised to continue leading the charge for enhanced safety measures, with the Concord Initiative serving as a beacon of their concerted efforts.

As threats to public safety continue to evolve, such cross-sectoral collaboration, as championed by the Concord Initiative, will be increasingly crucial in designing adaptable and robust early warning and response systems. The Concord Initiative has demonstrated the potential of collective effort in driving public safety innovation.


July 18, 2023